Symmetry in Marketing

What is symmetry and what does it have to do with digital marketing?

Why did we choose the name Symmetrical? Evenly shaped, aligned, equal, balanced, unity and proportion. These are all characteristics that will help you to be successful in your use of social media to market your business. How?

When seeking to build an efficient and effective social media strategy, we have determined that posting the same content in a consistent manner across each of the active social networks for your business at the optimal time (per social network) has proven to build brand awareness, credibility and increase reach. By sharing your own unique content it helps to spread awareness of your brand and promote thought leadership. By sharing curated content from credible sources, it allows you to build your brand credibility by sharing useful industry information. In addition, using the same handle or /name on each of the social networks, makes it easier for your market to connect with you online because they won't struggle to find you. Each of the account handles and names should be identical to your website and should have the same or similar wording in the summary (depending on the character limit and nature of platform).

For example, here are our website and social media links with uniform names:


Email: [email protected]



Twitter: @Symmetricalmm

Instagram: @Symmetricalmm



Certainly this is a lot of information, but we will examine the aspects of this strategy in detail so that you can gain a better understanding and be able to make use of it in your business.

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